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VooPoo | Uforce Coil 5 Pack

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VooPoo Uforce Coils by VooPoo 5 Pack.

D4 .4 ohm  Quad Coil 50-90W, Best 65-75W

P2 .6 ohm  Single Mesh Coil, 24-28W

N1 .13 ohm  Single Mesh Coil, 50-100W, Best 70-80W

N2 .3 ohm  Dual Mesh Coils, 45-80W, Best 55-65W

N3 .2 ohm  Triple mesh coils, 65-100W, Best 75-85W

U2 .4 ohm  Dual Coil, 40-80W, Best 55-65W

U4 .23 ohm  Quad Coil, 50-120W, Best 60-80W

U6 .15 ohm  Sextuple Coils, 65-110W, Best 80-90W

U8 .15 ohm  Octuple Coils, 70-130W, Best 90-110W