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Unicorn Tears E-Liquid 100ML | Sadboy

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Unicorn Tears E-Liquid By Sadboy E-Liquids

Sadboy - Happy End Unicorn Tears is a mystery flavored vape juice that is sure to keep up at night. It is that good. This vape juice has the perfect balance between fruity and savory that will drive you insane trying to figure out the different flavors are.

As you inhale Sadboy Unicorn Tears, you will immediately begin to try to discover what flavor you are tasting. With this eliquid, the only thing you'll know for sure is that this fruity yet savory mix is one of the best lip-smacking, jaw-dropping, and mouthwatering flavors you've ever experienced. As you exhale, your taste buds will still be trying to figure out exactly what it is they are tasting but they will not be able to fully figure it out. True, LOL. You WILL Love This E-Liquid