Lost Vape | Orion DNA Go 40W AIO device

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Black Carbon Fiber
Black Ocean Scallop
Blue Carbon Fiber
Blue Ocean Scallop
Gold Abalone
Gold Carbon Fiber
Silver Carbon Fiber
Silver Ocean Scallop


**Device and Pod are sold separately** Get the pods HERE

The Lost Vape Orion DNA GO 40W is the very first portable device system that utilizes the DNA GO Chipset. The Orion DNA GO has a continuous output of 30W with a 40W maximum boost output. The Orion DNA GO's output level can be changed with one press of a button and are color coded with White being low, Blue being medium, and Red being high. Holding the adjustment button activates replay mode; Replay mode allows users to perform the same level of consistency.The Lost Vape Orion has a 950mAh battery and can be charged via usb. Lost Vape Orion uses colors to show charge level blue being 100% to 95%, green being 95% to 70%, yellow being 70% to 30%, red being 30% to 15%, and when the light is blinking red it's 15% to 0%.The Orion uses two types of replacement pods, a 0.25 ohm pod and a 0.5 ohm. Pods hold 2ml of E-Liquid or Salt Based Nicotine. The Orion Pods lock into the device and can be ejected by pressing the knurled notch located on the side of the device. The Lost Vape Orion DNA GO 40W is one of the most advanced all in one pod systems on the market!