OG Laboratories | Hemp Flower Sour Space Candy 7 Grams

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Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower 7 Grams

Grown By: OG Laboratories

Grown in: Denver, CO

Cannabinoid Content: 16.01% CBDa, .85% CBD, .09% Δ9 THC, .67% THCa

Type: Hybrid

Nose: A sour fruit scent reminiscent of grapefruit followed by an almost sweet woody scent.

Eyes: Largely green and orange with purple accents. Crystals cover the flower and take no time to spot. Largely made up of mid to large sized buds with some smaller ones to round it out.

General: This flower is grown under strict conditions with no pesticides.

Best Use: Stress, Depression, Rest, and Inflammation.