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Funky Farms | CBD Drink Packet Berry 25mg

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CBD Drink Packet Berry

Health has never been clearer than with Funky Farms CBD Drink Packets.

Packed with over %1000 of your daily values of vitamin C, B1, B2, B6, and B12 as well as 25 mg of CBD. Being sick has never been easier to get over. So feel better, get your energy back, and stay healthy with Funky Farms.

Simply mix 1 packet with 4-6 oz of water and drink.

*This product contains less than .3% THC.
Available in:

Berry Mix - Berries galore compliment the vitamins and CBD.

funky farms berry mix 25mg lab report

Citrus Blend - Orange, Lemon, and Lime guide this natural remedy into your body.

Citrus berry lab report funky farms