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Why Should I Start Vaping? - Quit Smoking


An Effective Way To Quit Smoking

  • Smoking e-cigarettes is one of the most effective ways to quit smoking tobacco, satisfying nicotine cravings while allowing the user to inhale and exhale vapor much like they would cigarette smoke. Roughly 96% of smokers quit successfully when switching to electronic cigarettes


  • Nowadays, cigarettes in Northern Ohio are more expensive than ever. E-cigarettes are an affordable substitute and an effective non-smoking aid. In Ohio, smoking a pack amounts to over $2,200 a year and nearly $45,000 over twenty years!

Smoke and Odor Free

  • Vapor dissipates after one to two seconds and smells nothing like cigarette smoke. Vapor also doesn’t cling to your clothes, hair or car like the signature cigarette smell that is almost impossible to get rid of. Non-smokers hate being around cigarette smoke, making e-cigarettes a more appealing option to use in a social setting.

Thousands of Flavors to Choose From

  • Pick a flavor, any flavor! E-cigarettes allow you to select your favorite tobacco flavors along with a variety of fruity flavors, minty flavors, sweet flavors, dessert and drink flavors and many more! VAPORS Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquids Shop offers hundreds of flavors and organic e-liquids ranging from classic tobacco, to mint, watermelon, mocha, cheesecake, pina colada and so many more! Whatever you’re craving, we have an e-liquid for you.