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CBD | What is CBD?

CBG | What in the Cannabinoid?

CBG | What in the Cannabinoid?

You’ve heard of CBD, but what about CBG? Whether it’s in a full spectrum, broad spectrum, tincture, or edible, find out what CBG could do for you.

CBD and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Can CBD help in the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Out Break?

Well in my opinion yes and here is why I think this way.

The healthier you are, the better your immune system. And you want your immune system to be at it's best. You want to be as healthy as possible. For me and many others I know CBD keeps us much more healthier and feeling better.  I take 35mg CBD Oil two times a day about 12 hours apart. I have never been or felt better in my life. I am in my 50's and I will never stop using CBD. After I started using it my health got better. I felt better. My doctors and even my eye doctor are liking the results.

I use a 500mg CBD Oil by Hemplucid. And sometimes I also use TX Candy Caviar Fruit Slices with Melatonin to aid in sleep. These taste great and sure do the job for me.

So CBD or CBD Oil to help in the fight against Coronavirus, for me Yes.

With all that is going on and just for better health and to just feel better CBD Works For Me. Give it a try.

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CBD cannabidiol formula

What is CBD? (And what it means to you)

In this post, we explore what CBD is exactly, and how it can affect users. This article highlights the benefits that CBD can have, as well as the potential side-effects.

In short, CBD is Medical Marijuana without the high. Comes in many forms. Like CBD Oils, CBD Pain Creams, CBD Balms, CBD Rubs, CBD Candy, and even CBD - Hemp Bud or CBD Flower to smoke. If you have questions, we have the answers. Stop into any of our NW Ohio CBD Store locations. Contact us or Order Online.